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5 Incredible Benefits of Regenerative Medicine


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Regenerative medicine involves the repair and replacement of diseased cells, tissues, or organs. The process uses therapeutic stem cells and artificial organs to treat patients that prefer the option. Currently, platelet-rich plasma, stem cell therapy, and growth factors are used by specialists to treat several chronic pains, especially in joints. You need a certified specialist to administer treatment. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is the best Raritan anti-aging & regenerative medicine health facility. Visit them today if you are considering regenerative medicine.

Provides a Non-surgical Option

If there is always an option of preventing any surgery, it is wise of you to take it. Both options of stem cells and PRP therapy may assist you in preventing surgery and also reduce pain. A specialist can use both forms of regenerative treatment to fix torn rotator cuffs. If you tear your rotator cuff, you are likely to experience severe pain, and a surgical procedure will be required to fix the cuffs.

Fast Recovery Period

Unlike surgery, regenerative treatment methods take a shorter time to recover. Most patients can return to their daily activities after either stem cell or PRP therapy. Both of these procedures are outpatient, allowing the patients to recover at home. You are likely to experience minimal side effects such as minor bruising and discomfort at the area where you were injected. Compared with other surgical procedures, regenerative medicine allows you to get back to your everyday life.

The Procedure Is a Less Painful Treatment Option

Many of the treatment options in conventional medicine involve painful therapies that take a significant amount of time. However, with regenerative medicine, the treatment is administered to the affected area since it is what the medication can treat to prevent the pain. Most patients have reported experiencing lower levels of pain with the treatment. Did you know you can complete regenerative treatment in 30 minutes? The treatment option is fast and less painful compared to surgeries and other procedures.

Lowers the Risk of Treatment

A regenerative medicine lowers the risk of treatment as your cells are used for the procedure. Other treatment options involve the use of donors to curb a specific condition. This can be risky as the treatment method uses someone else’s organs or blood. The regenerative treatment uses your body cells to treat your disorder. The specialist uses cells from your bone marrow in stem cell therapy, and in PRP, they use your plasma from the blood drawn.

You Do Not Need Anesthesia or Medication

On most occasions, your physician will use ultrasound technology to pinpoint the accurate area to inject. The physician may decide to give you some numbing medication but only to minimize the discomfort. Your doctor may advise you to continue with pain medication if you were taking any until you see the stem and PRP therapy results.

Contact a Regenerative Medicine Specialist Today

Regenerative treatment offers patients a better alternative to surgical operations. The procedure saves time and is convenient for you. You can seek this option, especially if you experience chronic joint pains. If you are thinking of getting back to your younger, energetic self, visit Performance Pain and Sports Medicine and experience a transformation. The staff at the health facility are professional and will guide you through the treatment options. Call them today to schedule an appointment.


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