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How Orthopedic Surgeons Are Addressing The National Hip Fracture Crisis


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Hip fractures have become a crisis. The stakes are high, and the numbers growing. Orthopedic surgeons, including those dealing with scoliosis Las Vegas, are stepping up to address this national issue. They are taking new approaches, introducing innovative techniques, and pushing for better patient care. This blog discusses their efforts.

Understanding the Hip Fracture Crisis

First, we must grasp the scale of the crisis. It’s big. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report over 300,000 hospital admissions for hip fractures every year among people aged 65 and older. And the problem is predicted to grow as our population ages.

Approaches to the Crisis

Orthopedic surgeons are not standing by. They are stepping up. How? In three ways – they’re innovating, they’re educating, and they’re advocating.

Innovation in Treatment

New surgical techniques are part of the response. These techniques aim to repair the fracture with less damage to the body. They help patients recover faster and with less pain.

Education and Advocacy

Orthopedic surgeons are also educating the public and policymakers about the crisis. They advocate for better care and policies to support those who suffer hip fractures.

Table: New Approaches to Hip Fracture

New surgical techniques Faster recovery, less pain
Education Better understanding of the crisis
Advocacy Improved care and supportive policies


Hip fractures are a serious problem. They are a crisis. But orthopedic surgeons are responding. They are innovating, educating, and advocating. Their efforts are making a difference. They are helping to address the national hip fracture crisis.


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